Q: What is Ornale?

Ornale is a one-stop platform for all fitness services. We curate the best fitness centers and personal trainers for you to discover and book conveniently. No more lost-in-translation-awkward calls with the receptionist to book a Yoga class or gym session after a long day at work. When you don’t know where to go for a fantastic fitness centers that will fit your budget, Ornale is the answer! *hand throwups*

Q: Are you like the rest of the deal sites out there?

No. We are NOT deals. Our objective is to provide an ultimate convenience to our users by making the booking process easy, fast and convenient. No more long calls or unreachable gyms. No more waiting until the gym is open. Book from anywhere, anytime 24/7 and receive an instant confirmation. For gym owners, we try to help build their online brand presence, utilize their off peak hours and maximize their revenues.

Q: How much does it cost to book through Ornale?

As incredible as it sounds, there are NO service fees NOR any transaction fees for the user. It’s completely free!!! Enjoy all the benefits of Ornale free of charge.

We made it our mission to revolutionize the entire fitness industry and help people find the right gyms and personal trainers for the right price, anytime they want it – fast, instantly confirmed, hassle-free and conveniently.

Q: Are the prices on Ornale the same as in the gyms?

You bet they are! All listed services have the same prices as in stores. No mark-ups! Very simple. We want you to enjoy the beauty of “Ultimate Convenience” with many benefits. However do expect to find some services at discounted prices if you book during off-peak hours through Ornale.

Q: Which locations does Ornale cover?

Currently we are only available in India. Sign up now to be the first to know when we launch in your area!

Q: When will Ornale mobile app be available?

Mobile application is in the works. Sign up now to be the first to know when we launch our mobile app! However, you can still use our web mobile version which supports the “adjusted technology” so you can use Ornale on the go until we launch the full-fledge mobile application for iOS and Android.


Q: How can I find a gym?

Go to www. Ornale.com. Select a service that you are looking for e.g: yoga, gyms, pilates, personal trainers. Select a location for e.g: Mumbai. Pick an appointment date and click search. A list of amazing curated fitness centers will appear. Browse and select the gym that you wish to book an appointment with.

Q: How do I book the service?

When you get the list of fitness centers, click on a gym that appeals mostly to you. Then, you’ll get to a detailed page of the gym where you can see the gym’s information (address, opening hours, description, etc.) and the offered services. Click on a category and a range of services will appear with a service name, duration and price. Finally, simply select the desired service, select the time and click “Check Out”.

Q: Is the check out complicated?

Not at all! Register as a new user or login as existing. Then choose your preferred payment option – online on Ornale or at the venue. If you have a promo code, please make sure to apply it in this step. Press check out and wait for your instant booking confirmation.

Q: Can I filter the fitness centers by price range, location, availability?

Yes you can. It is located at the left of the page after you select a service. You may filter by date or specific time, location and service.

Q: Is my booking confirmed instantly?

Yes. All appointments booked through Ornale are confirmed instantly. You will receive an immediate confirmation via email and SMS containing all your appointment details.

Q: When can I book on Ornale?

Booking is available anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with instant confirmation.

Best timing to book is after dinner and ice cream and you just remembered you need to touch up your roots. If you book for the next day, we will send you a reminder a couple hours before. We also cater to last minute bookings (depending on salon / spa working hours) if you chip your nail and in need of a manicure like… NOW!

Q: Where can I see my appointments?

In your profile, you can select “My Appointments”, which lists all of your past and future appointments. You may also cancel future appointments in this section. Also, you can call our Customer Care Team and we will be happy to help you.

Q: Can I cancel my appointments?

Yes you can cancel your appointments in advance from your “My Appointments” section located at the top left side of the website. Choose the appointment you wish and press cancel. Please be aware that some gyms may apply a cancellation policy. The details may vary from gym to gym and will be outlined in the “Check out” section. Ornale cannot be liable for specific cancellation policies that would apply to a gym listed on Ornale. Therefore, for last minute cancellations and refund policies, please make sure to cancel in advance according to policies.

Q: What if I need to change my booking?

We hope you wouldn’t need to change your booking, but if you do, we’re here to help. You can:
a) Call directly our Customer Care Team or
b) Cancel directly from your “My Appointment” page and make a new one
Before contacting us, please read the cancellation policy of the particular salon to ensure you are eligible to cancel your booking without extra charges.

If you require any further assistance regarding cancellations and amendments please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team.


Q: How do I pay for the services?

Generally, you have two choices: you may:
a) Pay online on Ornale with your debit or credit card or
b) Pay at the venue with payment methods they accept
Please note that some gyms reserve the right to restrict one or the other method. This is determined by the gym.

Q: Can I pay directly Online on Ornale?

Yes, indeed. You can pay online via the Ornale website when you book your appointment(s). Using a debit card or credit card. It’s a completely safe form of payment, all details are encrypted.

Q: How can I use my vouchers?

Vouchers are only valid for online payment, if you wish to pay at the salon you cannot redeem the voucher.

There are two types of vouchers; you can get a fixed amount discount or a percentage off the total price. Vouchers will also have a specified expiration date, after this date they will become invalid. There is only one use per voucher.


Q: Are there any cancellation policies on Ornale?

Yes, they are. Some gyms have a cancellation policy in place. This varies from gym to gym and is entirely up to the gym. You will be notified before the booking if there is a cancellation policy intact. Please make sure to read carefully and understand this. Ornale can’t be responsible if the user fail to oblige to the respective cancellation policies.

Q: I am unhappy with the service booked through Ornale, how can I file a complaint?

The Ornale Team is very sorry to hear about this. After completion of an appointment booked with Ornale, you will receive a notification and an email to rate the service and write a review about the salon. Your review will be visible to other users and will influence future bookings on the salon (this feature will be added soon – stay tuned).

Alternatively, you may also contact our Customer Care Team, providing the following information:
Order reference
Date of appointment
Summary of complaint
Outcome of feedback to owner/manager
Please be brief and bullet-point your comments. We will then take up the matter with the venue, and will try our best to resolve the matter within 15 days.

Q: I am interested. Where do I get more info?

Drop us an email and details at hello@Ornale.com and you will be contacted by our friendly staff.

Q: Are you like the rest of the deal sites out there?

No. We are NOT deals. Our objective is to build your online brand presence & online exposure, provide free marketing, utilize your off peak hours and drive traffic along with new customers. The result of this will be increased brand awareness and higher revenues.

Q: Are there any listing or subscription fees?

No. There are no listing or subscription fees. We would gladly feature you on our website. We work on a commission-based model. Please contact us to inquire more information. Email: hello@Ornale.com

Q: How can I / My gym / fitness center work with Ornale?

Just head to www.Ornale.com, click on “List Your Business” at the top right corner and fill out the required information. Our Business Development Manager will contact you to arrange for a personal meeting. Alternatively, drop us an email: hello@Ornale.com.

Q: Will the gyms get feedback from Clients?

Yes, your Clients who schedule appointments via Ornale will be invited to review and assess their experience right after their appointment. These recommendations will be visible to other customers. The more recommendations you get; the greater chance you have of gaining new Clients.

Q: How do I avoid a No-Show?

Automatic text and email reminders ensure clients remember their upcoming appointments. We will rigorously improve our process to minimize the “no-show” numbers. We have a systematic process to keep it to the minimum. Please get in touch with us to obtain more information.